The world we live in is being rapidly changed with concern over cyber security, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning impacting the economy, privacy, and security. We want to facilitate discussion and exchange on this issue by asking, “What is the future of cyber science and artificial intelligence”?

The question embodies consideration of competencies including vision, speech, natural language, machine learning, commerce, and planning to create more capable and reliable autonomous decision systems and secure transactions.

We are interested in articles that provide general descriptions of technical challenges or ethical issues of cyber security and work being conducted that investigate the human/ machine interface and its implications for society for the future. Of special interest are efforts to expand the participation of minorities in the creation of these emerging technologies and how the technology can impact quality of life, society, and the economy.

We encourage multidisciplinary discussions that illustrate the impact and approaches that can broaden participation of women and minorities. Articles of between 500 – 700 words are requested by October 1, 2019.

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