As 2020 is upon us, we are in an unprecedented era for both minorities and women and aerospace and aviation. Conferences on both sides of the Atlantic are providing opportunity for aviation and aerospace’s minorities and women to deliver the latest market intelligence and share perspectives on professional development. Aerospace and aviation science change is transforming product mix, changing business models, leading emerging technologies, and improving product reliability.

The next decades will see an upswing in commercial space endeavors. NASA has commercial cargo and commercial crew programs. Hypersonic technologies involving controls and materials are driving a $100M+ market in new materials, control technology, adapting to operational environments. Principles in aeronautics have also been adapted in markets beyond aviation.

The current workforce climate is experiencing significant shifts providing new challenges and opportunities for women and minorities. Of special interest are efforts to expand the participation of minorities in the creation of these emerging technologies and how aviation technology can impact quality of life, society, and the economy. We encourage discussions that describe emerging aviation and aerospace science and projection of the impact participation of women and minorities offer for technical advancement to expand diversity for improved reliability and productivity.

Articles of between 500 – 700 words are requested by February 15, 2020.

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