1) Aviation and Aerospace science – Aerospace and aviation science change is
transforming product mix, changing business models, leading emerging
technologies, and improving product reliability. The new frontiers of flight
exploration and commercialization are re-awakening the quest for ventures into
the atmosphere and beyond. Articles submitted by readers will feature some of
these highlights in first quarter of this year.

2) Science and How to teach it – Many teacher preparation programs lack
faculty with early STEM expertise thus; teacher preparation programs for
elementary math are too often led by faculty who lack connection to industry and
elementary classroom instruction. Articles submitted from Europe as well as from
educators and technologists in the US and Pacific Rim may lead to new practices.
Look for it mid-year 2020.

3) Renewable energy and Climate Change – Renewable energy is energy is
thought to be virtually inexhaustible from sources that are naturally replenishing
but in actuality it has factors that make it flow-limited in certain instances. How
our climate may change under various accommodation scenarios will be
discussion topics in our third quarter issue.

4) Drone technology and Robotic applications – Drones have morphed from
amusement toys to drone flying robots that can deliver prescriptions, food, and
packages and controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight
plans in their embedded systems, working in conjunction with onboard sensors
and GPS. We will encourage multidisciplinary discussions that illustrate the impact
the participation of women and minorities on technical advancement in this
industry because diversity can lead the change to improved reliability and
productivity. This issue topic will wrap up our schedule at the end of 2020.

SNC Editorial Review Board

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